• Steven Dix Australian Abstract Artist.

    Experience the exhibitions and creative energy with Steven Dix through Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Japan and more. Both highly regarded in fine art and one of Australia's leading commercial artists, Steven Dix art is seen daily by millions of people every day without them even knowing it.

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Check out exhibitions from around the world here. The art has travelled to a numbered of great countries including Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. Watch some videos

img 01

Exhibition at Da Xiang Art Space in Taichung

This exhibtion was the beginning of the world which I refer to as Freeform Abstract.

img 02
Hong Kong

This exhibition took place @ Gallery by the Harbour

State of the Arts Gallery and Samuel Leung made this event take off.


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Here are a few of the notable events from numerous exhibitions. As a creative my sole activites are not focused on having exhibitions, however If you are an art curator I am open to visiting your city with a collection of original works. Please enjoy the videos and artwork collated about these shows.

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